11 Actionable Tips To Buy Mermaid Tails

11 actionable tips to buy mermaid tails

Guides to buying mermaid tails

In Google’s ZMOT(Zero Moment Of Truth) research, it was identified that the normal people on average will look at around 11 different points of reference when trying to buy a specific product and even higher for products with a higher price.

But that is not our concern, the real question is what are this 11 reference points you should be looking at before you purchase a mermaid tail.

If you have been mermaiding for a while you have probably come across people who complain about the mermaid tail they purchased online. Problems ranging from buying from a site that is not trusted to the WIGINWIO problem (what I got is not what I ordered).

Some even complain about their mermaid tail tearing apart in just one use. And you just wish if you could have a tail that lasts longer than a day or even more than one summer.

These people have taught me a sorely needed lesson and made me realize that it is expedient to do a research before buying a mermaid tail.

Now, don’t get discouraged when I say do your research. I know it is not the most intriguing offer and consumes a lot of your time. That is why I have gone through the drudging process of doing the research and compiled this list of guidelines on how to buy a mermaid tail.

What will you get out of this article;
-The 11 checklists you should check before buying a mermaid tail.
-How to find a mermaid tail that vocalizes your inner mermaid.
-How to make sure you get the mermaid tail that you wanted.
-How to get more for a little cost.

I have made a valiant attempt to come up with this research and I hope you will peruse this bit of sage tip on how to buy mermaid tails, but remember, perusing it won’t do you any good unless you apply it.

1, Don’t Buy Products You Won’t Be Using.

There is an old Swedish proverb that says “If you buy what you don’t need, you steal from yourself.”

Nothing sounded so true. What is the point of buying a cloth that you will not wear or a phone that you won’t use, you will only be ripping off your money.

When it comes to mermaid tails too, if you don’t have this basic swimming skills, then don’t buy it… Yet.

Now, these skills are not hard to acquire at all and 90 percent of the people who swim will likely develop it. These skills are stated to make sure of your safety while swimming in a mermaid tail and to have the sensation of a mermaid.

The requirement to know if you are mermaid tail ready or not has been stated by the well-known mermaid tail maker Fin Fun mermaid tails and these skills are:
1) floating on your back.

2) floating on your stomach

3) rolling from front float to back float

4) being able to tread water for 1 minute.

5) to swim 25 yards of meters unassisted.

6) to swim 25 yards of the meter with dolphin kick. This is the main movement you will be making in a mermaid tail.


Figure out how well you can sink or float with your legs together. Floats are very important as it can help you to rest on the surface when cramps happen in which you can avoid panic.

Never ever swim in a mermaid tail all by yourself, always have someone to swim with you.

So, Are you  mermaid tail ready?


Let’s go to the next step.

#2) Determine your SIZE:

how to take measurement for your mermaid tail

One of the biggest fears about buying a mermaid tail online (specially expensive silicone tails) is the measurement.

Knowing the size of your body is key to have a mermaid tail that fits your needs and avoid the disappointment you go through after buying a highly priced mermaid tail that doesn’t suit your body.


When trying to measure yourself for a mermaid tail, you will feel like you are banging your head against the wall.

Say no more,

Here is how to take the measurement,

The measurements are taken both horizontally around:

  • -The narrowest part of the waist(most of the time around the belly)
  • -The widest part of the hips.
  • -The mid thighs.
  • -The knees.
  • -The calves.
  • -The ankles.

And vertically from:

  • -Waist to hips.
  • -Waist to knees.
  • -Knees to ankles.

Now if you are buying a fabric tail, you don’t have to make all the measurements above due to their stretchy property they can fit different people with different body size. But if you are buying a silicone mermaid tail you should take all the measurements listed.

Take your measurements and study the size chart on the website or product description.

Here is how to get the right measurement,

1)Ask someone else to do it for you.

You can’t expect to get the right measurement by doing it yourself, ask one of your friends, family member or your partner to do it for you.

2)Get the right tools.

  • -don’t use a stiff measuring tool but a flexible measuring tools like a tape.
  • -stand on an elevated platform(step stool or chair), this is better than the measurement taken on the ground as it makes it easier for the person measuring it and results in a more accurate measurement.

3)Get naked, Woohoo!!!

A measurement taken on your skin gives a more accurate result.

Now you don’t have to be all naked, wear underwear or bathing suits and take the measurement on your skin. If you are shy you can wear a thin close like tight or something else that shows your shape.

(4) contact the tail makers.

Different tail makers have different measurement charts.

Here are some examples of measurement charts by mertailor and merbella studio.

All in all, when taking measurements for your tail, both the person taking the measurement and the person standing should work together.

The person measuring should Use the exact number and not a rounded number, Mark the measurement lines after taking a measurement using measuring tools before removing the tape, Stand back and look from the side and measure the thickest part of the body for a horizontal measurement and Double check.

The person standing should Not bend (stand straight and look ahead) and Lend a hand and hold the measuring tape for the person measuring as they make a vertical measurement.

Next thing you should know is:

3, Knowledge is power, and in a mermaid world, it could save you a lot of money.

Not all tails are made from the same material. Enlighten yourself with the materials used to make a mermaid tail and be a step ahead of the tail makers.

Some are made from cheap materials that put the life of the swimmer at risk. And some are made from materials that create a realistic looking mermaid tail.

Most people are heedless of this information.

Here is a list of materials used to make mermaid tails with their pros and cons:

Mermaid tails made from spandex;


  • -Are inexpensive
  • -Good for beginners
  • -Allows people with different body size to wear them as they are very stretchable
  • -Easy to put on and take off.
  • -Easy for sewing and tailoring.
  • -Easy to rinse off and dry after swimming
  • -Lightweight


  • -Not very tight fitting.
  • -Tend to age fast as they get scraped.
  • -Shows the legs of their swimmers which makes the tails look unrealistic.

Mermaid tails made from neoprene:


  • -Are stretchable
  • -Easy to put on and take off.
  • -Allows a zipper to be sewed at the back of the tail.
  • -Provides insulation in cold water.
  • -Easy to swim in and can easily rinse off and dry.
  • -Lightweight to carry.


  • -it tears,pill and rips off easily
  • -limited color choices
  • -Chlorine damages the fabric

Tails made from Latex.


  • -Realistic looking
  • -provide insulation in cold water
  • -unlimited color choices


  • -difficult to put on and take off.
  • -higher priced
  • -since they are generally custom made, they take a long time to make and receive from the manufacturer.
  • -can’t accommodate a zipper unless it a latex over neoprene
  • -colors fade/scrape off easily
  • -heavy to carry

tails made from silicone:


  • -is skin safe
  • -durable
  • -gives a realistic mermaid look
  • -is not buoyant in water making it easier for the mermaid to sink and swim.
  • -Fairly stretchy


  • -very sticky to the skin.
  • -Difficult to get into and out of it without a baby oil or water-based lubricant.

BONUS: click here if you want to know why you shouldn’t have a silicone mermaid tail if it is your first time swimming.

4, What type are you looking for?


Not all tails are meant for swimming purpose.

There are those that are for decoration(costume) and functional type.

Mermaid tails for decoration are usually used in costume parties and a photo shoots out. functional type mermaid tails are used in swimming.

Decide what type you want before heading out to buy.

5, Without this a mermaid tail is no avail.

After buying a mermaid tail, you go to the pool to swim in it and SMACK!, That is when you realize you need a monofin to complete it.

Mermaid tails come with and without monofin.

Mermaid tails with monofins being preferable if you want to have a better mermaid experience.

Monofins also propel the swimmer in underwater and help you in improving your dolphin kicks.

Now there is no one perfect monofin that fits all tails. That is why I have made a list of things to consider before buying a monofin for your tail.

6, Machine Washable

This feature actually interests parents.

If you want to use your mermaid tail for a long time you should clean it every time you get out of the water. Most mermaid tails come with instructions on how to wash them.

Those that are machine washable gives you the freedom to through your mermaid tail to the washing machine and go on out and about your day.

7, is it handmade or manufactured.

handmade or fabric mermaid tail

Mermaid tails are classified into two broad categories.

Handmade and manufactured

If you are looking for a mermaid that fits your body size well and has a design in the way you want it then you are looking for a handmade tail.

These tails have a more realistic mermaid tail look and you can give your own design to the tail makers and they will bring your design to life. One drawback of handmade mermaid tails is that they take a long time to be made and have them on and go swimming.

However, manufactured tails are already made and you can pick them from the wide range of lists that are on the market. manufactured(fabric) tails are cost effective and are usually made from spandex which is a comfortable swimsuit.

One drawback of manufactured tails is that you can’t easily find your tail without doing your research on the tails that are out there.

8,does it come with safety instructions.

Needless to say,

Safety should be your priority.

Check to see if the tail comes with the right safety instructions for your own safety and also with instructions on how to take care of the mermaid tail for a longer use.

9, It is all about expressing yourself.

Do you want to be a gorgeous mermaid?

Then, you will need a mermaid tail with an astonishing design.

Here is a list of the different type of mermaid tail designs:

  • -tails made from one solid color. One color is used for the tail and fluke.
  • -tails made from one solid pattern. The same pattern is used for the tail and the flukes.
  • -two-sided(a pattern on the tail body and a solid in the fluke).
  • -printed, the scales vary in different part of the tail. Most tail makers are moving towards this design.

What i have next is most important when you want to buy a mermaid tail.

10, For a satisfying online shopping experience, find out where to buy mermaid tails.

where to buy mermaid tails

There are a lot of tail makers in the market.

“The best-reviewed tail makers…” says mermaid Dottie “The best-reviewed tail makers are the most reliable.”

Here are some of the well-known mermaid tail makers

Fin fun mermaid tails:

Is a USA based tail maker founded in 2010. They make fabric adult and children mermaid tails.

Their tails usually cost between 55 to 110 Usd.


Also, a USA based founded by Eric Ducharme who has been selling mermaid tails since he was a teen. It was founded back in 2006.They make a fabric and silicone mermaid and merman tails.

Their tails usually cost between 80 to 5000 USD.

Click here to read the review of mertailor by everything mermaid.


is a multi-family establishment based in Alaska. They had their kick start back in 2015.

Cost between 30 to 115 USD.

Mermaid kat shop:

is a German-based mermaid shop.

Kat makes a mermaid tail more focused towards adults with a variety  of sizes and colors. She offers a realistic fabric tail and a full platinum silicone tail.Her  monofins have a separate foot strap pocket and are a good choice if you care about your propel speed under water.


german tail company. They make printed tails.

They have an awesome feature where they allow you to custom design your own mermaid tail and have it printed in their self-made option.

Cost between 123 to 224 USD.

Delfina mermaid:

a Russian company founded in 2012.they make 3D printed tails.

Cost between 85 to 160 USD.

The 2tails:

they make a large collection of solid, patterned and printed mermaid tails for sale.

They make their own monofins and also have a backpack.

Cost between 100 to 155 USD.


they make tails with a unique design.

Cost between 38 to 400 USD.

Here is the thing:

these are not the only tail makers. In fact, there are more than 43 tail makers and new ones coming up every year.

Their order doesn’t have anything to do with the trust level. One’s preference of tail maker may differ from another person. These are some of the most reviewed and more trusted tail makers from the 43+ tail makers that are out there.

After making sure all of the 10 things mentioned above, the last thing on our checklist is:

11, shipping time.

In the end, you want to check the shipping time before hitting the buy button. As I mentioned above tails that are handmade take longer time. If you are in a rush, choose a manufactured mermaid tail that can be shipped immediately.


So it all adds up to this.

These are the things I believe a mermaid wannabe should consider before they buy mermaid tails.  After making this checklist of course you will have to check if you have got the money for the price. How much a mermaid tail costs depends on different factors. Fabric tails cost less than silicone mermaid tails(much much less than silicone tails).

If it is your first time swimming or if your kid is his/her first time swimming in a mermaid tail, you should use fabric tails, not silicone tails. Silicone tails are meant to be used by professional swimmers.

TIPS: you should never use a mermaid tail without someone looking after you. You should focus on safety.


let’s take it back to you. Which tip did you find helpful and Tell me what is the first thing you consider before purchasing any mermaid tail in the comments below.



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