About Me

Hi, My name is kaleab and i am an internet research specialist who follows a digital nomadic lifestyle currently residing in Ethiopia, Africa. I was blessed enough to try a mermaid tail once. i suck at swimming and i wasn’t the qualified one’s to swim in a mermaid tail and that is why i had difficulties by the time. but boy was it fun? The only regret being not taking a photo of myself in a mermaid tail. I like to live in the moment forget about putting memories in a picture.

working on that.

Even though I can’t wear mermaid tails right now due to the behavior of my work, I was able to do a research on mermaid tails by the time I was able to and I thought of creating this website to share my research to help people like you and me bring their inner mermaid out and also use my skills to an experience that I had a blast with.

What I share here are resources and guides to help you achieve your desired mermaid-ic experience, and guide you with the safety cautions of mermaiding. Sometimes I even go the distance and write honest reviews from real life people who have used it to help you sense what it is like to work with a particular mermaid tail before you actually purchase one. my experience and the peoples opinion acts as a litmus test for first time swimmers and mermaids who want to change/upgrade their mermaid tails.

> These unbiased mermaid tail reviews are based on reviews from people who does mermaiding as their day to day activity and from users who are passionate about sharing their experiences.
> I don’t sell mermaid tails nor am i related to any mermaid tail makers.
> I try to discover the most siginifcant factors that should influence your decision when buying the best mermaid tails.
> I aim to create a one stop destination to help you choose the right mermaid tail and guide you to get  the best price in the market.

Hope you find the right mermaid tail and guides and resources you need about mermaiding.

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