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Safety Concerns with mermaid tails

Whenever you use anything(almost anything) especially if it is your first time, the first thing you will ask yourself is about its safety. And it should. if it is something out of your everyday routine.

A lot of issues have been raised concerning the safety of mermaid tails and the dangers of using mermaid tails. I believe this question should be answered as this is what most parents are looking for when they are asked for a mermaid tail by their Disney Ariel mermaid daughter.

“swimming as a mermaid is incredible, it is peaceful, dreamy and a lovely form of exercise wearing a beautiful tail”

-Michelle Forsbrey

Are there risks to using mermaid tail?

Yes, swimming in a mermaid tail has risks just like any other swimming activity. Mermaiding can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions and panic while you are in it just like swimming.

In this article, we will be covering

  • -Reasons why some people fear from using mermaid tails.
  • -How you can easily overcome the risks.
  • -Efforts taken from tailmakers towards safety issues.
  • -Parents responsibility.
  • -Reasons you should not restrain yourself from using mermaid tails/ Benefits of using a mermaid tail.


Bare with me as you have come this far to secure your safety while keeping the fun.

And guess what,

You have made the right decision by putting your safety first, cause that should be every person’s aim.

Before we go to the measurements that can be taken to secure your safety, we must first look at the reasons why some people are scared to try them.

Here are the most common reasons:

Reason #1: The mermaid tail keeps the legs of the swimmer together, which doesn’t allow swimmers to swim with their legs apart( you can’t be able to do the frog kick).

Reason #2:  AS you swim with a mermaid tail, you are required to hold your breath for a while which can result in a blackout.

Reason #3: Drowning. This is what worries people the most as it is hard to easily see the signs of people drowning.

To avoid the risks, different efforts should be put from the swimmer, the tail makers and parents.

Not in that order, each has equal responsibility in my opinion.

How can you(the mermaid) avoid the risks easily?

We as a human being have a nature to blame on other people when something is wrong.


To avoid responsibility.

Before we blame it on someone else or any other reason, There are some things that you should do and familiarize yourself with before and while mermaiding to avoid the risks.

These are:

Before mermaiding:

  • -Be willing to take the time to read the safety instructions that come with the product and familiarize yourself with the safety measurements. Most mermaid tails monofin has a safety release function, be sure you know how to use it.

Familiarizing yourself with the easy safety release feature of the monofins before swimming helps you to save yourself from drowning while you are underwater and you feel uncomfortable with it.

  • -Do your research before buying mermaid tails, know what type of mermaid tails you want, there are costume tails and functional mermaid tails. You can use the functional type tails for swimming and even as a costume for a photo shoot out but the reverse doesn’t work much.
  • -Be a good swimmer, practice with the monofin then you can wear the mermaid tail.

While mermaiding:

  • -Don’t use the mermaids tails not just that the monofin too without a floatation device, unless you are a good swimmer.
  • -Don’t swim by yourself. Have someone around with you.

Now you know what is required from you.


What are parents responsibility?

  • Never overestimate your child swimming ability and leave them at the pool all by themselves.
  • Do not allow your child to swim deeper than they can. Always swim within your limits.

What we have seen till now are the things that are expected from you. Below we will see what most of the tail makers have done for the safety of mermaids.

Related: How to know when someone is drowning.

What steps are taken from the tail makers towards securing the safety of every mermaid?

As the makers of the product, tail makers are the first to make the move to securing safety to the swimmer.

Some of the tail makers have taken this seriously enough that they have taken the following steps to keep every mermaid out there swimming in their tail safe from the risks.

  • -They recommend the product to be used by experienced swimmers only.
  • -Your child should be age six and above
  • -The device is not meant and shouldn’t be used as a floating device.
  • -Adult supervision is key. No one should be in the pool or in the deep shallows of the oceans all by themselves regardless of your experience. Always have a partner, a family member or a lifeguard with you.
  • -Take mermaid classes.(more on this later on)
  • -They are not meant to be used in the shallow water.
  • -Every tail maker comes with safety instructions. If they don’t have one, don’t buy from them as that shows their carelessness.

Besides this, they also promote some skills you should be able to master.

Fin fun has made a list of skills required from a mermaid wannabe’s

These skills are:

1) floating on your back.

2) floating on your stomach

3) rolling from front float to back float

4) being able to tread water for 1 minute.

5) to swim 25 yards of a meters unassisted.

6) to swim 25 yards of meter with dolphin kick. This is the main movement you will be making in a mermaid tail and gives an answer to fear reason 1. If you are still on the frog kicking level with your swimming ability then you are not mermaid tail ready.

Watch this video for more.

To answer to your reasons of avoiding mermaiding, just like any other swimming activities promotes breath holding but not to the extent that you blackout.

Most people whether it is mermaiding or other swimming activity drown when they totally panic, so try to be calm once you are in the water.

Now the fear is out of the way, let us see the benefits of swimming in a mermaid tail.

Why should you have mermaid tails?

Mermaid tails are highly marketed as a fun swimming adventure. But what most people don’t sem to know is its psychological and health benefits besides the fun.

“Psychologically, It gives you a great boost as well- who wouldn’t want to be a strong, powerful, gorgeous and mythical creature skimming gracefully through the water? It can be incredible for self-esteem.”

– Henault

The psychological benefits are:

  • -It is a fun and good way to motivate your bored kids to get into the pool and go swimming.
  • -supports your kids’ imagination which is a lifelong coping skill.
  • -changes your mood by removing anger, depression, and tension.
  • -Most of the times mermaid tails make you a better swimmer than you currently are, so it boosts your confidence.

Health benefits:

  • -keeps you and your kids physically fit. Depending on your weight and speed underwater, mermaiding can burn up to 367kcal for a 30-minute breaststroke swimming.
  • -It does your abs, thighs tons of goods.
  • -Good to your heart. The water that surrounds your body when you swim puts some pressure on your circulatory system which pumps blood to your heart.
  • -Lowers the blood pressure and the cholesterol level in your body. It has been proven by a study that swimming for 30 minutes three times a week can lower your blood pressure and decrease the bad cholesterol level in your blood.

You shouldn’t deny your kids or yourself the benefits you get from swimming in a mermaid tail out of fear, as the risks are easy to overcome as long as you take the right precautions and follow the steps above.

Till now there are no records of any death due to the use of mermaid tails, and as long as you follow the above guides, it is sure to continue like that.

“it is safe as long as you know what you are doing and you have undergone proper training at a diving center or mermaid camp. You should never do it on your own”

– Designer Carrie Whitworth.

Another step you can take to secure more safety while swimming in a mermaid tail is to take mermaid classes.

Yes, you have heard it right, as mermaiding is growing more and more, schools are also being opened for swimmers to work their way up to professional mermaiding. There is beginner level of mermaiding where they teach you the basic skills required to use the mermaid tails and then you can develop yourself to the pro level of mermaiding.

“RLSS(Royalty Life Saving Society) the UK recommends to all parents, that the safest way for children to enjoy and benefit from this new activity is through participation in professionally organized classes, which are delivered by qualified instructors, who are affiliated with a reputable mermaid or monofin swimming organization.”

-Mike Dunn, RLSS UK deputy director of research and education.

-take classes from schools that are established by a trusted and skilled people who can take responsibility for the safety issues.

Share this to your mer friends and kids to let them know you care about their safety and also to let others who don’t know about it, know too.

Now let’s take it back to you. Which tip did you find helpful and share what you think should be added in the comments below


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