Mermaiding(Mermaid Swimming)

What is mermaiding?


Mermaiding is to swim like a mermaid wearing a mermaid tail that keeps your thighs together and a monofin locking your feet together which helps to propel you underwater using the dolphin kick swimming style.

In the early days (by early I mean in the beginning of the twentieth century’s) it was known as water ballet.

Who came up with the word mermaiding?


There is no clear answer to that. The movies like little mermaid, splash, aquamarine, and others have played a great role in creating the buzz around mermaids and real-life professional mermaids like Annette Kellerman and Esther Williams were the first to swim in a mermaid tail for a movie role.

As a report by Wikipedia, it is believed that professional mermaids like Hannah Mermaid, Mahina Mermaid, and Mermaid Linden used to play with the word, later on, it was brought to the community of mers by Iona the mermaid.

Even though movies and professional mermaids have played a great role in creating awareness of swimming in a mermaid tail, The opening of mermaid schools plays a great role in coming up with the word mermaiding.

Philippines mermaid school academy(PMSA) says they are the first to coin the word mermaiding.

mermaiding meaning “ it is both an artistic expression and a fun whimsical blurring the line between fantasy and reality, a quick detour from everyday life is something … “


let us forget about the history of mermaiding and talk about its benefits.

Benefits of mermaiding

The benefits of mermaiding are broad. The idea of mermaiding lets you live your childhood fantasy of becoming Disney’s Ariel mermaid. It is a fun activity, who doesn’t like fun. Besides that, it is also an art.

You think these are the only benefits?

There are more.

Besides the fun, mermaiding also has physical and psychological benefit.

“ the energy stems from the core, and if done correctly, it causes the energy to flow through to your legs in the wave-like momentum. And with propulsion from the fin, you will use your arms to direct you. So all in all, I think it is a more engaging muscle group activity compared to regular swimming.”

                                                                    -Nicole Cheng, former Singapore national swimmer.

How does mermaiding benefit your health?

–       Makes you physically fit. It is believed that mermaiding can burn up to 367kcal for a 30-minute breaststroke swimming depending on your weight and speed.

–       It balances the blood pressure and cholesterol level in your body. Studies have shown that 30-minute swimming three times a week lowers the blood pressure, and also decreases the level of bad cholesterol(LDL) in your body while improving the good cholesterol(HDL).

  • Facilitates the pumping of blood to and from your heart.
  • It is good for your thighs and abs.

What are the psychological benefits of mermaiding?

  • –  Keeps you in a great state of mood by removing anger, depression, and tension.
  • –  Mermaiding requires some basic swimming skills so it is a fun way to motivate your bored kids to get back to the pool and swim again.  It is a challenge you and your kids can take and when you put on your mermaid tail, in the end, it builds the confidence of your kids because it shows they can take on a challenge.
  • Boost your confidence more by making you a better swimmer.

“Psychologically, it gives you a great boost as well- who wouldn’t want to be a strong, powerful, gorgeous and mythical creature swimming gracefully through the water? It can be incredible for self-esteem.”


Here is a real life example of its benefits.

Who can do mermaiding(mermaid swimming)?

Not everyone can be a part of a mermaiding activity. Not to take the fun away from you, it is just to secure your safety.

As I mentioned above, mermaiding involves the use of mermaid tails and monofins and they are not toys, they should be treated as a proper swimming activity. So it is sure there are pre-requirements needed from you.

Most mermaid schools who give mermaidinig course and mermaid tail makers recommend that children should be above age 6 or 7.

Other than that fin fun has made a list of things required from you to make sure you are ready for mermaid tails.

You can watch it in the video here.

The requirements are:

  •     You should be able to float on your back.
  •     You should be able to float on your stomach
  •     You should be able to roll from front float to back float
  •     You should be able to tread water for 1 minute.
  •     You should be able to swim 25 yards of meters unassisted with dolphin kick.( oh and yeah, the dolphin kick is the main movement you will be making when mermaiding.)

And most of all you should have confidence in your swimming skills.

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How can you be able to mermaid too?

It is easy, based on the definition you can do mermaiding by wearing a mermaid tail and a monofin on your feet.

There are many providers who make mermaid tails and monofins, but if you want a mermaid tail that lasts longer than just one summer, I recommend you to check these checklists before buying any mermaid tail and monofin.

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